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April 3, 1974 (50)

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Wu Jing is a Chinese actor, director and martial artist best known for his roles in martial arts films. His most popular films include Tai Chi Boxer, Fatal Contact, the Sha Po Lang films, and as Leng Feng in Wolf Warrior, its sequel Wolf Warrior 2, and The Battle at Lake Changjin. Forbes has listed Wu Jing in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list twice in 2019 and 2020. His films are some of the highest grossing films in China and the world.

Wu Jing’s cinematic journey saw a significant rise with films like “Wolf Warrior” (2015) and its sequel “Wolf Warrior 2” (2017), where he not only acted but also directed. The latter became the highest-grossing Chinese film ever, showcasing Wu Jing’s appeal and capability in the Chinese film industry. Besides these, his performances in “Fatal Contact” (2006) and “Legendary Assassin” (2008) also contributed to his standing in action cinema. His television presence is marked by his role in the series “The Tai Chi Master,” where he played the historical figure Zhang Sanfeng.

In the span of his career, Wu Jing has collaborated with various celebrities and artists in the industry. Among them are action star Donnie Yen in “SPL: Sha Po Lang,” director Sammo Hung in “Fatal Move,” and actor-director Jacky Wu in “Legendary Assassin.” He also worked with celebrated director Tsui Hark in “Missing,” and shared screen space with actors such as Scott Adkins, Nan Yu, and Ni Dahong in various projects. Other notable collaborations include those with Yu Nan in “Wolf Warrior,” Frank Grillo in “Wolf Warrior 2,” and a host of actors in the ensemble cast of “The Wandering Earth,” a 2019 Chinese science fiction film.

Wu Jing’s body of work has not gone unnoticed, as he has been honored with several awards for his contributions to cinema. He received the Best New Performer award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in “SPL: Sha Po Lang.” Furthermore, his directorial venture “Wolf Warrior 2” garnered a Golden Angel Award at the Chinese American Film Festival.