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Nosferatu (Dog)

Nick Cave has a dog named Nosferatu.

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September 22, 1957 (66)

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Nick Cave, originally from Australia, has become a global icon, celebrated for his work as a singer-songwriter, author, and film composer. He is most recognized for his richly evocative lyrics and the deep, emotive performances that characterize his music, predominantly as the lead singer of the band Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Cave’s career initially blossomed in the post-punk band The Birthday Party, but his most influential work began with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 1983. Their music encompasses a range of styles, from blues to gothic rock, post-punk to alternative, and has resulted in a discography of over 17 albums, each richly distinct in sound and lyrical content. Some of their most notable works include the albums “Tender Prey,” “Let Love In,” and the hauntingly beautiful “Skeleton Tree.” Cave also collaborated with Warren Ellis to form Grinderman, a side project that saw two critically acclaimed releases. His role as a film composer has further broadened his artistic repertoire, contributing memorable scores to movies such as “The Proposition” and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”

Cave’s collaborations have been as varied and far-reaching as his music. One of his most significant partnerships has been with multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis, who has not only been a part of The Bad Seeds but also collaborated with Cave on various film scores. Other musicians such as PJ Harvey, Kylie Minogue, and Shane MacGowan have also worked with Cave, creating unforgettable songs. Cave’s reach even extends beyond music, into the realms of literature and film. He collaborated with author and playwright Patrick McCabe on the stage show “The Speck of Dust,” and he penned the screenplay for the film “Lawless,” in which actors such as Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain starred.

Nick Cave’s career is speckled with many distinctive honors, reflecting the impact he has made in the worlds of music and film. His album “Ghosteen” was awarded Album of The Year 2019 by The Guardian, and “Push the Sky Away” topped the Australian Albums Chart in 2013. His influence extends to film as well, with Cave and Warren Ellis winning the Best Music award at the 2005 AFI Awards for their score in “The Proposition.” Cave’s work has also been recognized internationally, with a nomination for Best Original Score at the 2007 BAFTA Awards for “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”