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JustaMinx's Pets

Does JustaMinx Have Any Pets?

Koda (Dog)

JustaMinx has a dog named Koda.

Cornelius and Sylum (Cat)

Adopted Oct 2020

JustaMinx adopted two cats named Cornelius and Sylum in October 2020.


JustaMinx Pets


November 3, 1996 (27)

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Rebecca “Becca,” known online as JustaMinx or simply Minx, is an Irish Twitch streamer and internet personality. She gained prominence after winning GeorgeNotFound’s Love or Host and became well-known for her collaborations with the Dream Team.

JustaMinx’s streaming career is marked by her participation in various gaming genres and interactive content. She is particularly noted for her role-playing game streams and her involvement in “Among Us” games. Her content extends beyond gaming, as she frequently engages in “Just Chatting” sessions, interacting directly with her audience.

Throughout her career, JustaMinx has collaborated with several notable online personalities. She has developed a close relationship with the Dream Team, including creators like Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, and Jschlatt, participating in various online events and streams.