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After the 2020 controversy around sneaking up to Yukon, Canada with her husband to get their vaccine shots early, Ekaterina Baker reduced her interactions with the media and public. She does not have any reported pets.

Ekaterina Baker

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1988 (36)

Ekaterina Baker, born 1988 in Europe, is now a North American actor. Ekaterina Baker is best known for her roles as Veronica in Chick Fight and as Oksana in the award winning film Oksana and Viktor. Ekaterina is known for portraying early 20s fearless Russian woman character.

The actress Ekaterina Baker is married to her husband, Rodney Baker, the former CEO of a Canadian casino. The couple had stirred up controversy during the 2020 pandemic when they were caught sneaking into Yukon to get Covid-19 vaccines.