The Adventures of Oliver Dale the Swimming Micro Mini Cow and Gang

Oliver “Ollie” Dale is a micro mini Highland Cross calf who is only turning two years old this year. But he’s already lived an action-packed life, especially for a cow.

Oliver Dale micro mini calf adventure cow
Credit: @oliverdale_microminicalf

Ollie had his first boat ride at two months old and had a blast.

Since then, Ollie has challenged her inner sea cow and now swims with the help of a life jacket. It started when Ollie was watching his human swimming on a hot day and decided to get in the water to cool off. Ollie then swam over to his human like it wasn’t a big deal.

Then Ollie took his adventures up a notch and got into jet-skiing!

Oliver Dale has his own mini-farm gang, which includes fellow mini-bovines Tater Tot and Ella Mae, along with some mini-goats and mini-pigs like Junior and Abner.

Ollie has two good doggo swim buddies: Chewy and Huk.

Here’s Tater Tot following in Ollie’s hoofsteps.

And it isn’t just us, his whole farm takes inspiration from him. You can follow his crew on TikTok at @t_and_a_minifarm.

@oliverdale_microminicalf #OliverDale has a special bond with each animal on the farm. They all go to Ollie to play and get love. #Ollie #minifarmlife #farmlife #barnyard #minicow #minicowsoftiktok ♬ Good Friends – Maren Morris

While it might seem like Ollie and his gang’s life is one non-stop good time, they still have to do errands like any of us.

For more adventure inspo, follow Oliver “Ollie” Dale on Facebook and on TikTok at @oliverdale_microminicalf.

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