Crusoe the dachshund doesn’t let being a sausage stop his pro sports dreams

Crusoe isn’t your average dachshund, never letting his sausage-like stature stop him from reaching for the sky. He’s a social media celeb, adventurer, model, artist, author, chef, party animal and ladies’ man, looking to add pro-athlete to his already incredible resume.

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He started sharing his life online just a few years ago but has already stacked up a social media following of over 2 million. He’s been on plenty of adventures, travelled to exotic locations, worked as a model and raises money for charity. One of his first goals was to write his own book, which he did in 2014 and it became a New York Times Best Seller, nbd. He’s also been featured in countless blogs and magazines.

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Now the inspirational wiener dog has set his sights on the NHL, with his latest challenge to become a goalie.

This follows up his impressive NBA tryout for the Toronto Raptors, where he didn’t let his height hold him back.

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