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Devon Carlson's Pets

Does Devon Carlson Have Any Pets?

Devin Carlson has two rescue dogs named Martin and Daisy Lynn.

Martin (Dog)

Breed: Mixed Breed | Adopted Dec 2015

Devon Carlson has a mixed breed dog named Martin, also known as Marty, Mooda, Moochini, and Sir Martin III. She adopted Marty in December 2015.

Daisy Lynn (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua | Adopted Nov 2022

Devon Carlson adopted a Chihuahua mix named Daisy Lynn in November 2022 from Tobies Small Dog Rescue.

Devon Carlson

Devon Carlson Pets


August 3, 1994 (29)

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Devon Lee Carlson is an American fashion influencer, content creator, and YouTuber renowned for her entrepreneurial venture, Wildflower Cases. This distinctive brand, which she co-founded with her mother, Michelle, and sister, Sydney, has been sported by esteemed personalities like Bella Hadid and Lana Del Rey.

Carlson’s claim to fame emerged from her unique venture, Wildflower Cases, where each phone case is a vibrant, trendy piece of artwork that became popular amongst style-savvy audiences. This fashion enterprise quickly rose to prominence, catching the attention of various celebrities. Carlson’s distinctive approach to Y2K fashion and her bright, joyous ensembles have turned her into a style icon, demonstrating a blend of thrifted items with designer vintage that her fan base loves.

Collaborating with others has always been a hallmark of Carlson’s career. She has had successful ventures with the likes of Marc Jacobs, for which she designed a t-shirt, and Louis Vuitton, for whom she fronted a campaign. She has also rubbed shoulders with popular figures such as actress Veronica Dunne, Lauren Leekley, and Bella Hadid. Her circle extends to her personal life too, as she was in a long-term relationship with Jesse Rutherford, the lead vocalist for The Neighbourhood. She even made appearances in three of their music videos — “Pretty Boy,” “Stargazing,” and “Lost in Translation.”