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August 20, 1992 (31)

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Alex Newell is an American actor and singer, widely recognized for their role as Wade “Unique” Adams on the Fox musical series “Glee.”

Newell’s breakthrough came with their portrayal of Unique Adams on “Glee,” a role that started as a recurring character in the third season and was promoted to the main cast in the fifth and sixth seasons. This role was notable for its groundbreaking representation of a transgender high school student. Beyond “Glee,” Newell has appeared in films such as “Geography Club” (2013) and has lent their voice to animated projects. Their music career includes popular singles like “Nobody to Love” and “Kill the Lights.”

Throughout their career, Newell has collaborated with a variety of artists and creators. On “Glee,” they worked alongside actors like Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Jane Lynch. In music, Newell has collaborated with DJs and producers like Clean Bandit and The Knocks.