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Does Adam Sandler Have Any Pets?

Bulldog lover Adam Sandler currently has one English Bulldog named Bagel. He's had four English Bulldogs in total, with Meatball, then Matzo Ball, and then Babu.

Meatball (Dog)

Breed: English Bulldog | Adopted 2000

In 2000, Adam Sandler got Meatball, his first English Bulldog, who was the ringbearer at his wedding. Meatball tragically died from a heart attack in 2004 and his funeral brought over 100 guests to Sandler’s home. To celebrate the beloved dog’s life, there were t-shirts given out with his face on them and a giant cake with his face on it as well. Fun fact, while many think Adam Sandler’s Meatball was the Bulldog that appeared in the film Little Nicky (2000), it was actually Meatball’s dad.

Matzo Ball (Dog)

Breed: English Bulldog | Adopted 2003

Matzo Ball was Adam Sandler’s second English Bulldog. Matzo Ball was a gift from Sandler’s wife in 2003 and passed away in 2008. Matzo once made a TV appearance when Sandler interviewed him on The Tonight Show when he filled in for David Letterman.

Babu (Dog)

Breed: English Bulldog | Adopted 2008

Babu was Adam Sandler’s third English Bulldog and his first female Bulldog. He got Babu in 2008 and the pup has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Bagel (Dog)

Breed: English Bulldog

Adam Sandler has an English Bulldog named Bagel. If you follow Sandler on Instagram, you’ll often see Bagel on tour with him, backstage at his comedy shows, and traveling abroad. Bagel has even been spotted by Sandler’s side at a cafe in Paris.

Mr. Beefy (Dog)

Breed: Bulldog

Though not actually Adam Sandler’s real-life pet, Mr. Beefy the Bulldog plays a significant role in the fantasy comedy film “Little Nicky.” In the movie, he serves as a close confidant to Satan and takes on the role of both pet and sidekick to the character of Little Nicky. Intriguingly, Adam Sandler’s real-life dog, named Meatball, is the son of the dog that portrayed Mr. Beefy in the film. Adding a touch of canine sentimentality to Sandler’s life, Meatball was even honored as the best man at Adam Sandler’s wedding.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Pets


September 9, 1966 (57)

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Adam Richard Sandler is an American actor, comedian, musician and film producer. After performing standup comedy and several small TV roles in the late 1980s, Sandler had his feature film debut with Going Overboard (1989). His big break came when he was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live in 1990. He joined the cast the next year, quickly becoming popular thanks to his musical performances. After saying he was fired from SNL, he went on to star in a series of successful comedies through the late 1990s. This included Billy Madison (1995), Happy Gilmore (1996), The Wedding Singer (1998) and The Waterboy (1998).

In 2002, he starred in Punch-Drunk Love, which earned him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination. More recently, he’s known for starring in Grown Ups (2010) and its sequel, starring Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin James. He has currently been releasing a series of original films through Netflix, such as The Ridiculous 6 (2015), The Do-Over (2016) and Sandy Wexler (2017).

Adam Sandler has been known to bring laughs, and also produce films through his production company Happy Gilmore Productions. From his work with the hilarious Tiffany Haddish in The Do-Over and The Week Of to introducing the world to Jonah Hill in Funny People, Sandler has a knack for spotting new talent and giving them a break. Even Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg owes a nod to Sandler for helping him land a lead role in That’s My Boy. And let’s not forget about David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Kevin James, who have all teamed up with Sandler in various films and gone on to have successful careers in comedy. He has also worked with Bella Thorne in Blended. Lets not forget Christopher McDonald as Shooter McGavin in the iconic film Happy Gilmore. Other noteworthy collaborations include Winona Ryder, Julie Bowen, Don Cheadle, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino.

Sandler’s recognition goes beyond box office numbers. He has received a number of awards, ranging from Kids’ Choice to MTV Movie Awards. While his films are often maligned by critics, they connect with audiences in a way that has granted him several People’s Choice Awards. Notably, he’s received a high level of critical praise for his role in Uncut Gems, leading to his winning the National Board of Review Award for Best Actor.