Interview With Madi the Chi and Serena of the Stadler Fam – Focusing On Mental Health, Fashion, and Fun!

We had a lovely chat with Madi the Chi, a 13-years-young Chihuahua influencer, and her mom, Serena, on topics ranging from the mental health benefits of fur babies to her signature smile, looking stylish in the snow, becoming a big sister, keeping it spicy, and more.

Interview With Madi the Chi and Serena of the Stadler Fam

Celebrity Pets: Thanks for joining us Madi and Serena. Serena, can you start our readers off with the story of how Madi became your fur baby?

Serena: Absolutely, and thank you for having us! The story of how Madi became my personal companion, is quite close to my heart. It all began during my sophomore year of college. At that time, I was grappling with a challenging concussion injury, which had plunged me into a state of depression. It was a tough period, both physically and emotionally.


Angry ghost activated

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Back home, we already had three family dogs, and sensing my struggle, my mom made the decision to bring Madi to school to live with me. Madi’s presence had a profound impact on my recovery from depression. She was there for me at every step of my journey, offering unconditional love and silent understanding that sometimes only a pet can provide. Her role in my life went beyond just being a pet; she became a source of strength and resilience during one of the most challenging times in my life. It’s a bond that’s difficult to put into words, but I am forever grateful for her companionship and the joy she brings into my life every day.


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CP: How would you describe Madi’s personality? Does she have any endearing (or menacing) quirks?

Serena: Madi is truly one-of-a-kind, and her personality is something that I’ve had the unique privilege of understanding in its full complexity. At her core, she is incredibly sweet and brimming with love. She’s a big fan of cuddles and kisses, always eager to show her affection.


I need a million chihuahuas they’re the BES

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However, there’s also an unpredictable side to her. One moment she’s showering me with kisses, and the next, she might snap unexpectedly. While I’m not entirely sure why this happens, I suspect it might be related to dementia, given her age.

Then there’s her vocal nature – Madi is quite the yapper! She barks often, and we jokingly say that she must be seeing ghosts. It adds a humorous touch to our daily life. But beyond this, she’s also quite needy. If she feels she’s not getting enough attention, she’ll cry, and her cry is similar to that of a newborn baby – it’s both amusing and endearing.

CP: If you had to pick one TikTok that sums up Madi’s personality, what would it be?


She wouldn’t last a day

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CP: OK, now onto our chat with Madi. Do you have a special talent or do any tricks?

Madi the Chi: Well, you know, I’m not one for those typical dog tricks like sitting on command. I prefer to keep things interesting. But there is this one special trick I do, and it’s pretty cool – I call it the ‘pillow elevator’. Here’s how it goes: Serena puts a pillow on the ground, and I jump onto it. Then, she lifts me up to the bed. It’s our unique way of getting around the fact that I’m not really into being picked up all the time. I love it because it’s like my own little ride, and I get to decide when I hop on and off.


This is a system Madi and I developed because she doesn’t love being carried all the time. We call it elevator

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And guess what? This trick has become quite a hit! Serena posted a video of us doing the ‘pillow elevator’ on TikTok and it got over 55 million views! People even started teaching their dogs how to use their own ‘pillow elevators’. It’s pretty awesome to think that my little quirk is helping other dogs out there. Who knew my way of getting onto the bed would turn into such a popular trick?

CP: Love it! I’m sure lots of dogs will be training their humans to do that trick after reading this. So Madi, what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done? (We promise not to tell your mom)

Madi the Chi: There was this one time, right after we moved to Virginia from Utah. I wasn’t too happy about the move – I mean, Utah was my home, you know?


DAY 1 of our roadtrip across the country

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I decided to make my feelings known in a rather… direct way so I protest peed on my parents’ bed. It was my way of saying, ‘I want to go back home!’ And guess what? We moved back to Utah just three months later. I like to think my little act of rebellion had something to do with it.

CP: So… How’s your “kiss exposure therapy” going?


Being patient is key. Sending love to all owners who adopted rescues

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Madi the Chi: For the longest time, I was a bit of a lone wolf – I liked keeping to myself and wasn’t too keen on all the lovey-dovey stuff. Kisses? No, thank you. I preferred my personal space. But over the past two years, there’s been a big change in my heart. I’ve slowly warmed up to the idea of showing and receiving affection. Serena has been patient and loving throughout this process, and it’s made a world of difference. Now, believe it or not, I’m all about giving kisses! When Serena asks, ‘Can I have a kiss?’ I’m right there, ready to show her some love with a lil’ lick. It’s our sweet little thing, and I’ve come to cherish it.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got my spicy side – can’t lose all my sass, right? But I’ve definitely opened up a lot more to Serena. Showing her love in my own way has become a part of who I am. It’s a nice feeling, letting those walls down and just enjoying the bond we share.

Madi the Chi – On spice levels and opening up emotionally

Oh she's sweet but she's psycho

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CP: When your life story is turned into a feature film, what celebrity would play you and your humans? Who would co-star?

Madi the Chi: Oh, that’s a great question! For my role, I think the perfect celebrity to play me would be none other than Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua (voiced by Drew Barrymore). I’ve often been told that we look strikingly similar, and I must say, I agree! Chloe’s charming and spunky demeanor matches mine perfectly, making her an ideal fit for portraying me on the big screen.

As for the co-stars, it would definitely include my dog friends – @itsyaboy_winston, @worldwide_winston, and @baothechi. They’re not just my pals, they’re like the superstars of my life, each with their own unique personalities that would add so much fun and excitement to the film.

CP: We saw that you recently moved. How was adjusting to your new home?

Madi the Chi: Adjusting to our new home has been pawsome! The move from an apartment to a larger space has been a game-changer for me. Every morning, I get to experience the thrill of the ‘zoomies’, racing around with so much more room to play and explore. My new morning routine has been a hit not only with me but also with millions of people online who enjoy watching my energetic antics. They’ve been loving the videos of my morning adventures in this new, spacious home. It’s been an amazing transition, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

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CP: Winter gets pretty serious in Utah. What outfits and accessories does a warm-blooded pup such as yourself have to survive it? (while looking stylish, of course)

Madi the Chi: Staying warm and fashionable in Utah’s winter is a must for a chic pup like me. My mom is always on top of it, making sure I’m perfectly bundled up for the snow. My absolute favorite outfit for braving the cold is my stylish blue fur coat. And for my paws – I’ve got these fabulous hot pink snow boots. They’re not only adorable but super practical for trotting around in the snow. Plus, they add a pop of color to my winter look. But the real icing on the cake is my bedazzled dog collar. It’s my signature fashion statement, sparkling and catching everyone’s eye, even on the grayest winter days.

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CP: Just want to say we’re fans of your unique smile. And ask if you have any recs for snacks for other toothless pups?

Madi the Chi: Thanks for the compliment on my smile 🙂 Being toothless definitely gives me a unique look! You might be surprised to learn that even without teeth, there’s still a lot I can enjoy when it comes to snacks. My top favorites are blueberries, turkey, and apples. These are not only delicious but also soft enough for me to eat comfortably.

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Actually, being a toothless chihuahua has its perks. My vet mentioned that I won’t face the common dental health issues that many older chihuahuas experience. Plus, a big bonus – no more stinky breath! It turns out losing my teeth was a blessing in disguise.

CP: And Serena, do you have any care tips for anyone who has a chihuahua or dog without teeth?

Serena: Caring for a toothless dog like a chihuahua involves some special considerations to ensure they’re comfortable and healthy. One of the most important aspects is their diet. For Madi, I primarily feed her wet food because it’s easier for her to eat without teeth. However, in the past, when Madi could still handle kibble, I found a great alternative was to soak the kibble in unsalted chicken broth. This method softens the kibble, making it much easier for a toothless dog to eat, and the broth adds some extra flavor that dogs usually love.

Hydration is crucial, so always ensure your toothless pup has easy access to fresh water. They might find it more comfortable to drink than to chew. Maintaining oral hygiene is also important, even in the absence of teeth. Regularly cleaning your dog’s gums can help prevent bacteria buildup and keep their mouth healthy. You can use a soft, wet cloth or a finger brush designed for dogs.

Comfort is key as well. I make sure Madi has cozy, plush beds and blankets, especially since toothless dogs might be more sensitive to colder temperatures. Finally, regular veterinary check-ups are essential. Your vet can monitor any oral health concerns and provide advice tailored to your dog’s specific health needs.

CP: In your case, bath time seems to reach reality TV-level drama… Can you give us the play-by-play?

Madi the Chi: My bath times are quite the spectacle. It all starts with my famous ‘swimmies’. I paddle around, making a bit of a splash. It’s my way of easing into the whole bath time ritual. Then comes the shampoo phase. Mom uses this special purple shampoo to keep my fur coat looking bright and white. It’s like a spa treatment, and I must admit, I do enjoy the extra pampering.


So proud of my little gremlin, bath days are hard for her!!

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After the wash, I get all dried off, which is quite the cozy experience. But then, drama hits its peak when it’s time for the nail trimming. Let’s just say I get a bit spicy during this part. Honestly, I’d much rather do my own pedicure, thank you very much. Despite my protests, mom puts me in a harness, and my nails get filed. I make sure to express my opinions loudly during this part. To wrap things up, there’s some moisturizer for my toe beans. That part, I don’t mind; it’s quite soothing, actually.

CP: Have any exciting plans or trips coming up?

Madi the Chi: This year is turning out to be quite the adventure for me. We have a bunch of amazing trips lined up, and I’m just wagging with excitement. First off, we’re heading to Orlando, Florida for the Global Pet Expo. I can’t wait to see all the other pets and the exciting new pet products. It’s going to be a blast!

But that’s not all – we’re also going international! We’re planning a trip to Greece, which I’m sure will be filled with beautiful sights and delightful smells. I’m looking forward to lounging in the sun and exploring new places. And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also going to Hawaii! I can already imagine the warm beaches and fun in the sun.

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CP: So Madi, we saw the exciting announcement that you got a baby brother… How has the news affected your spice level? Care to comment?

Madi the Chi: The arrival of my baby brother was definitely unexpected! (And my spice level is surprisingly mild – Thanks for asking.) At first, I was a bit unsure about this new addition to our family. You know, it’s a big change when you’ve been the only fur-child for a while. But, let me tell you, I’ve completely fallen for his cuteness now! I’ve even started letting him sleep next to me. It’s amazing how quickly those little ones can wiggle their way into your heart!

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CP: We’re glad to hear you and your little brother are getting along! Can’t wait to see what you two get up to 🙂

For more Madi (and her lil’ bro Remi!), make sure to follow @thestadlerfam on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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