Fast and Furious Frenchies – Cruising with Nitro, King, and Kong (@cesar_frenchie)

Nitro, King, and Kong are a trio of fast and furry-ous French Bulldogs living in Germany with their human Vanessa.

Cruising in Luxury with Frenchies Nitro, King, and Kong (@cesar_frenchie)
Credit: @cesar_frenchie/Instagram

Like many Frenchies, they’re known for the adorable way they waddle.

But what they’re famous for is when they get behind the wheel.

And every time they pull up for gas – It’s pretty much a fashion show (and time to grab some beef jerky)

And to go white their snow-white Lambo, they got a blacked-out G-Wagon.

@cesarfrenchie It was time for a new car and of course it‘s this one #newcar #mercedesamg #apache207 #frenchbulldog @Apache 207 ♬ original sound – cesar_frenchie

You may ask yourself “How do these Frenchies ball so hard in luxury vehicles and designer clothes?” Me too, but judging by these Frenchies’ home office setup, they’re probably crypto traders or something.

@cesarfrenchie Racing home to get tickets for @Apache 207 I’ll be there with my lambo #apachetour2024 #apache207 #lamborghini @federmusik ♬ Originalton – federmusik

And you can bet their birthday parties get pretty wild. Check out how Kong celebrated his Terrible Twos.

Wondering why their account is named @cesar_frenchie, when their names are Nitro, King, and Kong? That’s because this Frenchie gang was founded by a legend named Cesar, along with another Frenchie named Stich. They both sadly passed away from cancer in 2021… But a fun fact is Cesar was named after dog-training legend Cesar Millan, who he met back in 2018!

If you can keep up, follow @cesar_frenchie on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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