The Scent-sational Life of Atari the Skunk Influencer and His Furry Roommates (@zooarcade)

Meet Atari, the Skunkfluencer you need to follow for good times.

And to clear the air, no, Atari doesn’t stink. Domestic skunks have their glands removed.

While if you check out her videos, she seems like she’s all action. But she does like to chill (which includes sleeping up to 23 hours a day!)

After sleeping, it seems snacking is Atari’s 2nd priority.

Zorro the Doggo has been Atari’s very, very patient roommate for years now.

And last year Nes the Kitty joined the crew!

For more Atari action, follow @zooarcade on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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