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Evan Antin: the fire celebrity vet who is a gift to us all

If you haven’t creeped Evan Antin on Instagram yet, do yourself a favor and click here.

The vet is a favorite at People magazine who took on the arduous task of compiling this video. You can watch the 90-second hypnotizing clip of the charming veterinarian talking to animals below.

Dr. Antin isn’t afraid to show his nerdy side, either. He curates adorably dorky educational videos like the one below.

He works with exotic animals and housepets alike, showing love to all creatures under the sun.

His Instagram feed is pure fire and not only due to the drool-worthy shots of the good doctor holding an outrageous amount of puppies. He preaches eco-friendly practices and animal rescue. With over a million followers, it’s a prime example of using your social media influence for the greater good.

What reptile is more #patriotic than a #rattlesnake !? Please respect these fine creatures and understand their true value in the ecosystems they inhabit and that's especially by helping control small mammal populations. This is not only important for a balanced ecosystem & food chain but also helps reduce the spread of diseases including zoonotic diseases (= disease transmissible from animals to humans) and reduce damage to farm crops by small mammals. This Prairie rattlesnake was 4 feet long btw! I hope all my American compadres had a wonderful #4thofjuly 🎉🎆🎇✨🐍 #USA #independenceday #snake #humansareanimalstoo #patriot #merica #proudtobeanamerican #[email protected]

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What we wouldn’t give to be Henry, for just one minute.

It's #companionanimalappreciationweek and I wanna give a shout out to my very special little companions 🤗! Henry, Willy and Blue make my day EVERY day! They want nothing more than to be my best friend and play and cuddle and make me smile and live in the moment every day. The relationship I have with them is the core of the #humananimalbond and it is something we should never take for granted! The domestication of dogs and cats (kind of) to produce #mansbestfriend is so dear to my heart and something we can thank our ancestors for. My livelihood and profession as a veterinarian relies heavily on this bond and being able to help pet owners with their babies is extremely gratifying. Other than working with wildlife (which I Love of course) Idk what I'd be doing if it wasn't for humans and their animals bonding and caring so much about each other. I can't describe the human-animal bond in words; it's something that must be experienced and it can change your life. Tag someone you know with a special buddy and please continue to appreciate your kiddos each and every day ☺️❤️ #dog #cat #exoticstoo #domesticated #love #ironictheydontseemtoappreciatemykissestoday🤣 #❤️

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