Brodie the Goldendoodle Stole the Show While Sitting Courtside at a L.A. Lakers Game

Brodie the Goldendoodle (aka Brodie that Dood) is one of the most celebrated celebrity canines out there today. From being spotted cruising in supercars to visiting kids in hospitals to earning $1 million per year, Brodie is truly one cool dude.

Brodie the Goldendoodle sitting next to Kevin Bacon at a L.A. Lakers game
Credit: @brodiethatdood

Brodie recently went viral for sitting courtside at a recent L.A. Lakers game. And from seeing plenty of headlines and reading a selection of articles, barely any even mentioned the human celebrities sitting next to him (Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick). The announcers noticed a large dog (or possibly a muppet) wearing an Austin Reaves jersey in a prime under-a-courtside seat.

Seeing the fans react to the big pup on the big screen, Brodie decided to show off some dance moves.

This eventually led up to a dance battle… Where this doggy clearly dominated and earned him Fan of the Game.

Seeing the floppy boy sitting upright on his human, Cliff Bush Jr.’s, lap, many people in attendance thought Brodie was a person in a costume or a puppet. While on the court, LeBron James apparently did a double-take of Brodie (and probably had a flashback to making Space Jam 2.) New York Knicks player and Brodie fan Josh Hart had a great night – Not only did his team win, but he got to meet the dog influencer in person.

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