The Winners of the 2022 International Dog Photography Awards

The winners of the 2022 International Dog Photography Awards have been announced. Accepting entries from all over the world, photographers compete in the following categories: Portrait & Landscape, Action, Studio, and Dogs & People. Let’s take a look at the winners, along with 2nd and 3rd place for each category below:

Portrait & Landscape

1st Place – Dalia Fichmann

Credit: Dalia Fichmann /

2nd Place – Sofia Hutchinson

credit: Sofia Hutchinson /

3rd Place – Joanne Liu

Credit: Joanne Liu /


1st Place – Francesco Junior Mura

Credit: Francesco Junior Mura /

2nd Place – Kjara Kocbek

Credit: Kjara Kocbek /

3rd Place – Julia Haßelkuß

Credit: Julia Haßelkuß /


1st Place – Su Kaye

Credit: Su Kaye /

2nd Place – Jane Thomson

Credit: Jane Thomson /

3rd Place – Daniela Schmid

Credit: Daniela Schmid /

Dogs & People

1st Place – Sabrina Theden

Credit: Sabrina Theden /

2nd Place – Sarah Ebner

Credit: Sarah Ebner /

3rd Place – Russell Charters

Credit: Russel Charters /

To check out the runner-ups or submit your entry for 2023, visit

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