Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott Mourns Loss of His Dog Gracie: ‘What a Wonderful 17 Years You Gave Me’

Jonathan Scott, who hosts Property Brothers with his twin Drew, just shared sad news. Gracie, his dog of 17 years, has passed away. Many friends and family chimed in with their support in his Instagram post. His fiancé, actress Zooey Deschanel, said, “Our sweet Gracie was the most wonderful pup. We are so sad to say goodbye.” Ree Drummond commented, “Oh I’m sooooo sorry!! What a long time to have such a friend by your side. Sending lots of love!!” Julianne Hough commented, “Wrapping you around m so much love- there are no words to express this pain. I feel you and am here for you.” Taraji P Henson commented, “Friend, I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family’s.” Bobby Berk and Howie Mandel also both gave their condolences.

With 17 years together, Scott and his pup Gracie had plenty of lovely memories.

(But sometimes Gracie liked to pretend they didn’t)

Even at her old age, Gracie was still helping out around the house just a couple months ago.

This sadly followed the loss of his other dog, Stewie. The Yorkie was 13 when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2022.

When interviewed by Modern Dog Magazine in 2012, Scott shared that he grew up with big dogs but, due to his lifestyle, fell in love with tiny pups.

I grew up on a ranch. We always had big dogs. Labs and even a 200-pound Rottie. However, with my lifestyle, you need to have a dog you can take with you. So my first dog was a Yorkie. His name was Gizmo and he was only 2.5 lbs. Unfortunately, he was fragile, and he passed away. But, before he died, he totally opened me up to small dogs. He was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. Shortly after Gizmo, I got Gracie. I like having two dogs, it lets them bond. Then, I got Stewie. I brought Gracie with me to check out our options, and she wouldn’t socialize with anyone but Stewie. They were instantly inseparable.

jonathan Scott, Modern Dog Magazine, September 2012
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