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Gracie and Stewie (Dog)

Jonathan Scott had two dogs named Gracie and Stewie, who sadly have both passed away. He got Stewie, a Yorkie, in 2019, and he passed away in November 2022. Gracie was a Chihuahua he got in 2007. Gracie passed away in February 2024 at the age of 17. You can read more about these beloved pups here.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott Pets


April 28, 1978 (46)

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Reality TV

Jonathan Scott, a Canadian reality TV personality, construction contractor, illusionist, and producer, is widely recognized for his role as co-host on the hit TV series Property Brothers, alongside his twin brother Drew. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jonathan’s early career was marked by a blend of ambition and resilience. Initially interested in entertainment, he and Drew ventured into real estate to support their aspirations without succumbing to financial strain. Their first real estate investment, a seven-bedroom property purchased during college, set the foundation for their future success. This early venture into flipping houses, coupled with Jonathan’s background in construction and design from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Professional Home Builders Institute, laid the groundwork for their eventual rise to television fame​​.

The Property Brothers franchise, which debuted in 2009, quickly became a cornerstone of HGTV, spawning several spin-offs including Buying and Selling and Brother vs. Brother. Jonathan’s expertise as a licensed contractor paired with Drew’s acumen as a real estate expert has not only entertained millions but also provided tangible advice for homebuyers and renovators. Beyond television, Jonathan has extended his entrepreneurial spirit into Scott Brothers Entertainment, co-founding the company with Drew to produce a wide array of TV, film, and digital content. The success of their television ventures has been complemented by their foray into lifestyle branding with Scott Living, a comprehensive line of home furnishings that underscores their commitment to accessible design​​.

Collaborating with celebrities and notable figures has been a significant aspect of Jonathan’s career. From teaming up with Zooey Deschanel, with whom he is engaged, to working alongside other HGTV stars and participating in charity events, Jonathan has built a network of partnerships that transcend the traditional bounds of home renovation and design. These collaborations often spotlight his versatility and ability to engage with a broad audience, further solidifying his status in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan’s achievements are not just limited to television ratings and business ventures. Along with Drew, he has been recognized with the Leo Award for Best Host in an Information or Lifestyle Series, reflecting their impact on the genre. Their business acumen has propelled Scott Brothers Global to generate impressive revenues, a testament to their strategic vision and market influence. Jonathan’s commitment to philanthropy is evident through his role as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada, highlighting his dedication to leveraging his platform for positive change​​.