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Does Zach Woods Have Any Pets?

No Pets (Zach Woods)

Zach Woods has no known pets, but here’s a photo of him with the late Grumpy Cat (RIP).

Roxana (Reptile)

Breed: Chinese Water Dragon | Adopted Jul 2023

As Edgar Minnows in The After Party season 2, Zach Woods has a pet Chinese Water Dragon named Roxana.

Zach Woods

Zach Woods Pets


September 25, 1984 (39)

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Zach Woods is an American actor and comedian. He’s best known for his role on Mike Judge’s HBO series Silicon Valley with Jimmy O YangThomas MiddleditchKumail NanjianiJosh Brener, Martin Starr, Amanda Crew, and T.J. Miller. He’s also known for his role on the HBO series Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and in three seasons of the NBC sitcom The Office. He’s most recently known for his role on the HBO series Avenue 5.