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Does Yvonnie Ng Have Any Pets?

Yvonnie Ng's pet Somi

Somi (Cat)

Yvonnie Ng adopted a cat named Somi in August 2020[1].

Yvonnie Ng

Yvonnie Ng Pets

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Yvonnie, known in the online community as Yvonne Ng, is a Canadian internet personality, streamer, and content creator, primarily associated with the online social entertainment group OfflineTV. She gained prominence through her live streaming on Twitch, where she plays a variety of video games and interacts with a global audience. Yvonnie is also recognized for her role in the production and management aspects of OfflineTV.

Yvonnie’s career is marked by collaborations with other prominent internet personalities and streamers, particularly within the OfflineTV circle. She has worked closely with figures such as Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Scarra, and LilyPichu, participating in various group projects and streams.