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Fairuza Balk's Pets

Does Fairuza Balk Have Any Pets?

Bear (Dog)

Fairuza Balk has an orange cat named Bear.

Big Maz & Floofelo (Raccoon)

Though they’re not officially her pets, Fairuza Balk enjoys frequent visits from some neighborhood raccoons. Among them is Floofelo, a young raccoon and the offspring of Big Maz, a raccoon Fairuza has been familiar with since it was just a little one.

Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk Pets


May 21, 1974 (50)

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Fairuza Balk is an American actress most celebrated for her standout role in the cult classic film “The Craft.” Her repertoire is a mosaic of different genres and mediums, presenting a range that has been intriguing for fans and critics alike. From her eerily captivating role as a young witch in “The Craft” to her portrayal of an edgy motorcyclist in “Gas Food Lodging,” and even her character in the history-inspired drama “American History X,” Balk has explored various dimensions of acting.

Working in the entertainment industry necessitates collaborations, and Fairuza Balk has worked with a plethora of artists. Her colleagues have included Robin Tunney and Neve Campbell in “The Craft,” Adam Baldwin and Adrienne Shelly in “Gas Food Lodging,” Edward Norton and Edward Furlong in “American History X,” and Jeff Bridges in “The Waterboy,” to name a few. Additionally, she has worked with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in “The Ninth Gate,” Robert De Niro in “Almost Famous,” Vince Vaughn in “Made,” and Patrick Swayze and Piper Laurie in “Donnie Darko.”

When it comes to recognition for her work, Balk has been honored with various awards. She received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Performance by a Younger Actor for her role in “The Craft.” Similarly, her work in “Gas Food Lodging” won her the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. Her performances haven’t just been confined to film; she’s been part of award-nominated casts in TV movies like “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”