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December 8, 1966 (57)

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Media Personality

Steve Spangler is an American television personality, science educator, and author known for transforming the ways people think about science.

Spangler’s foray into the world of science communication has been both extensive and impactful. From his early days as a science teacher to his evolution into a popular media figure, he has always demonstrated a knack for making complex topics accessible and entertaining. His television appearances, such as on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” showcased experiments that left viewers both amazed and educated. Beyond that, his bestselling books serve as testament to his dedication to bringing the wonders of science to a wider audience.

Collaborations have been integral to Spangler’s journey. Notably, his work with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres helped him reach a larger demographic, enabling more people to discover the fun side of science. But his reach extends beyond just Ellen; over the years, Spangler has worked with personalities like Jeff Probst, Kathy Lee and Hoda, the producers of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Jimmy Fallon, and numerous others in the media industry.

When it comes to recognition, Steve Spangler’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. For instance, his Emmy award-winning television series “DIY Sci” showcases the educator’s knack for blending humor with scientific exploration. Additionally, his induction into the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame is a testament to his ability to captivate and educate his audience.