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Richard Zven Kruspe

Richard Zven Kruspe

Richard Zven Kruspe is a musician and guitarist of the band Rammstein. He is also the lead singer for the US-based band Emigrate. Born in Germany June 24, 1967, Richard Kruspe moved to East Berlin at the age of 18 and lived on Lychener Straße, where he “made music all day” for two years. He described the experience as “a lonely time”.

Richard started his first band Das Elegante Chaos in the late 1980s. After disbanding, forming another band Orgasm Death Gimmick, and then later disbanding around 1993, he helped form Rammstein in 1994. The band was looking to create “a new style of music” at the time, and soon became one of the most successful bands in history.