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9 December 9, 1964 (59)

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Paul Landers is a German musician, notable as the guitarist for the Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein, and the punk rock band Feeling B.

In the late 1980s, Landers met Till Lindemann during some showings of the GDR documentary “flüstern und SCHREIEN”, which showed first of all some varieties of young music culture in the GDR. He also met Richard Kruspe, a friend of Lindemann, during this period. Some time after this, Landers played guitar in Lindemanns and Kruspe’s band First Arsch. In 1992, that band released their only album, Saddle Up. Till Lindemann, Kruspe, Schneider, and bassist Oliver Riedel formed a new band called Templeprayers in 1993. They won the Berlin Senate Metro Beat Contest in 1994 that enabled them to have a four-track demo professionally recorded. Paul Landers and Flake Lorenz soon joined this band, which became known as Rammstein.