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Does Mary Elizabeth Winstead Have Any Pets?

Sid (Dog)

Breed: Poodle-Terrier Mix | Adopted 2011

McGregor co-starred with Cosmo, a jack russell, on the set of his movie Beginners. He really bonded with Cosmo, who was a rescue dog himself, which inspired McGregor to adopt a dog of his own. His wife is allergic to dogs, but was able to adopt a poodle-terrier mix that was hypoallergenic. Named Sid, he got him through The Lange Foundation, a Los Angeles non-profit that rescues animals from kill shelters.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Pets


November 28, 1984 (39)


Ewan McGregor

(2022 - )

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an American actress and singer known for her roles in films like “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and “10 Cloverfield Lane.”

Her first significant role came as Jessica Bennett on the NBC soap opera Passions (1999–2000) and she went on to appear in series such as Tru Calling (2004) and films including the superhero film Sky High (2005). She came to wider attention as a scream queen for her roles in the horror series Wolf Lake (2001–2002), the giant monster film Monster Island (2004), the supernatural horror film Final Destination 3 (2006), the slasher film Black Christmas (2006), and the exploitation horror film Death Proof (2007).

The actress’s career is replete with collaborations that add star-studded sparkle to her resume. She has worked alongside Michael Cera in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and shared screen space with John Goodman in “10 Cloverfield Lane.” In “Death Proof,” she acted with Kurt Russell, while in “Live Free or Die Hard,” she partnered with Bruce Willis. Winstead also teamed up with Aaron Paul in “Smashed,” Ewan McGregor in “Fargo,” Will Smith in “Gemini Man,” and Joel Edgerton in “The Thing.” Her roles in television have included partnerships with Stevie Nicks and Lily Rabe in “American Horror Story,” as well as Adam Scott in “The Returned.”

Winstead received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her performance in “Passions,” her early foray into the realm of soap operas. Her role in “Smashed” also earned her a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. She was also honored with the Dallas International Film Festival Shining Star Award.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Family

It was reported in October 2017 that she was in a relationship with Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, whom she had met on the set of Fargo. Their son, Laurie, was born in June 2021.