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Hyolyn's Pets

Does Hyolyn Have Any Pets?

Rino (Cat)

Rino was Hyolyn’s oldest cat and appeared in a photoshoot with Allure Magazine in 2015. Unfortunately, Rino passed away while she was away on tour in November 2021.

Simba (Cat)

Hyolyn has another cat named Simba who also joined her in the Allure Magazine photoshoot with Rino.

Hyolyn's pet Cats

Cats (Cat)

Hyolyn has two more cats making her collective of four cats before her loss of Rino. We were unable to find the names of the additional furballs in her family.


Hyolyn Pets


December 11, 1990 (33)

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Musicians K-POP

Hyolyn, born as Kim Hyo-jung, is an influential South Korean singer and songwriter, often recognized for her distinct vocal prowess and lead role in the popular K-pop girl group Sistar. Following her debut in the late 2000s, Hyolyn has paved a substantial path in the music industry, gaining acclaim for her versatility and emotive performances.

Hyolyn’s dynamic musical repertoire extends across a multitude of projects, from group to solo work, each reflecting her rich artistic vision. Her journey began with Sistar, which produced numerous chart-topping hits like “So Cool,” “Alone,” and “Touch my body.” Following the group’s disbandment in 2017, she established herself as a solo artist with her debut album, ‘Love Like This.’ Venturing further into the world of television, she featured in the drama ‘Dream High Season 2’ and showcased her versatility on reality shows like ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ and ‘King of Mask Singer.’

Hyolyn’s career is colored by numerous collaborative projects that span various artists and genres. Her joint ventures with celebrated musicians such as GOT7’s Jackson, Zico, and Gray have often left fans and critics alike in awe of her ability to seamlessly blend into various musical styles. Equally notable is her international collaboration with R&B singer, Jooyoung, and renowned DJ and producer, Justin OH, for the track “Jekyll & Hyde.” She has also worked with renowned songwriter and producer Kim Do-hoon, rapper Changmo, and the famous Korean hip-hop artist Mad Clown.

Over the years, Hyolyn has earned several distinctions for her exceptional talent and contribution to the music industry. She has won the Golden Disk Award for Digital Single Division for her song “Goodbye,” featured in the popular K-drama ‘My Love from the Star.’ Hyolyn also received the MBC Entertainment Award for her outstanding performance in ‘King of Mask Singer.’ Notably, her solo debut album, ‘Love Like This.’

Offstage, Hyolyn is recognized for her passion for animals, and she has often used her platform to advocate for their rights. In 2017, she donated all the profits from her first solo concert to an animal welfare organization.