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Humphrey Bogart

Dog: French Bulldog

Ed Westwick has a French Bulldog named Humphrey Bogart.

Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick Pets


June 27, 1987 (35)

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Ed Westwick is an English actor and musician. He gained popularity for this two roles as Chuck Bass on The CW’s Gossip Girl and Vincent Swan in the TV series White Gold. He made his film debut ins 2006 in Children of Men with Clive Owen as the lead. After the role, he had roles in other films such as Breaking and Entering (2006), Son of Rambow (2007), S. Darko (2009), Chalet Girl (2011), J. Edgar (2011), Romeo & Juliet (2013), Bone in the Throat (2015), Freaks of Nature (2015), Billionaire Ransom (2016), and Me You Madness (2021).