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Christine Quinn's Pets

Does Christine Quinn Have Any Pets?

Tiger (Tiger)

“Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn has a pet Tiger that guards her mansion. Apparently, regular ol’ guard dogs aren’t extra enough for her. Check the big kitty out in the clip from MTV Cribs below:

Teddy Krueger and Teddy Junior (Dog)

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Besides her guard Tiger patrolling her backyard, Christine Quinn has two tiny Yorkshire Terriers named Teddy Krueger and Teddy Junior (TJ) that handle security within her home.

Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn Pets


July 25, 1966 (57)

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Christine Quinn is an American real estate agent, model, actor, fashion designer, and reality TV star. She’s best known for starring in the Netflix reality series “Selling Sunset” and working as a real estate agent and model. She has previously worked as a model and has also dabbled in fashion design.

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