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Poodle (Dog)

Breed: Poodle

Abby Rao has a small white Toy Poodle.

Abby Rao

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July 20, 1997 (26)

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Abby Rao is an American social media influencer and model, celebrated for her captivating presence on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She emerged as a digital media personality whose work spans the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, attracting millions of followers on social media.

Though Abby Rao did not take the traditional route of films or television series, she gained immense popularity through her engaging TikTok videos and Instagram posts. Often showcasing beauty and hair tutorials, fashion hauls, and lifestyle vlogs, her work resonates with a broad audience. Not confined to one particular genre, she has effectively used social media to forge a career that rivals those of many in traditional entertainment industries.

Over the years, Abby Rao has teamed up with a variety of other internet personalities and celebrities to further amplify her influence. These collaborations include names like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Larray, Nikita Dragun, and Josh Richards. Her joint ventures often manifest as challenge videos, collaborations on vlogs, or even brand endorsements, drawing massive views and setting social media trends.

Abby Rao co-founded The Clubhouse Beverly Hills, a content creation collective that has garnered attention for its impressive lineup of influencers.