Kevin Costner Reveals New Labrador Puppy ‘I’m Already in Love With This Special Guy’

While Hollywood legend Kevin Costner couldn’t be more famous – He generally keeps his private life off social media. But he just made an exception as he clearly couldn’t keep the exciting news to himself – His new Labrador puppy! He didn’t at the time, but later revealed he named his new pup Bobby.

Kevin Costner adopts Labrador puppy

Costner treated fans to three photos on Instagram, with the caption, “Newest addition to the family. I’m already in love with this special guy.” A black and white snuggle photo, a cool photo with his pup and truck, and a portrait of the pup.

He also posted an Instagram Story of him holding his new furbaby against a gorgeous backdrop.

Kevin Costner Instagram story with new puppy
Credit: @kevincostnermodernwest/Instagram

Always a man of mystery, Costner hasn’t shared any details on his current dog pack but is to have around 8 or so.

In June, Costner proudly talked about his fur son with Jimmy Fallon.

@fallontonight @Kevin Costner’s puppy Bob has a few quirks #FallonTonight #TonightShow #KevinCostner #JimmyFallon ♬ original sound – FallonTonight

It is known that Costner always loved labradors and had few over the years. The most famous being Daisy, who made headlines in 2010 for joining Costner as he saved 150 rescue dogs via private jet.

Kevin Costner Dog Daisy
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