Badger the Cat Has a Collection of Taylor Swift Eras Tour Costumes

Badger is a 9-year-old rescue that lives with her kind and creative human Cindy Park (along with her 8 adopted feline roommates Ellie, Lucy, Ziggy, Bo, Usopp, Luke, Linus, and Tamari.) Park was already a talented clothing designer, and Badger was already a fan of couture fashion.

Badger the Cat Has a Collection of Taylor Swift Ears Tour Costumes
Credit: – Paolo Villanueva/Flickr

Badger and his mom also both happened to be big Swifties, so they started a project to purrfectly recreate Taylor Swift’s outfits from her Eras Tour.

With the side-by-side comparison, you can really see Park really nailed the attention to detail and Badger really nailed the attitude.

Here’s Badger doing a theatrical reveal in Swift’s most iconic look from the Eras Tour with her Lovers bodysuit. I can’t even begin to tell you how challenging this was to film and time against the tour playing in the background. Badger was a pro as usual. Catdad on the other hand. Countless takes showing him to make the chiffon flow, when to lift up the covering from Badger. It. Was. Excruciating. Working with animals?! Easy peasy. Working with ancient catdads? The single most difficult 20 minutes of my life. Also what’s with Badger’s face right before the “oh hi!!” at the end?! #taylorswift #swiftiecats #swiftie #erastour #erascat #badgerdot #TSTheErasTourTaylorsVersion@Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation @Disney+ ♬ original sound – Badger.Dot

Karma (jacket) is (on) a cat. Coordinating these backup dancers is a lot like herding cats. Are you having a watch party today?! We are!! #karma #karmaisacat #erastour #erascat #badgerdot #taylorswift #swiftiesbelike ♬ original sound – JessicaGolich

Completed Swift’s look with her cape and guitar. Given the short attention span we all seem to have these days, I never imagined I’d be able to listen to a 10 minute song. Hooo boy was I wrong!! The story she weaved!! There were several moments where I gasped in wonder. “I still remember the first fall of snow, and how it glistened as it fell”. Just wow. #taylorswift #erastour #erascat #alltoowell #alltoowelltenminuteversion #badgerdot #TSTheErasTourTaylorsVersion #karmakitty #karmacat #karmaisacat ♬ som original – mio dolce sleepwear

Badger also lets his roommates get in on the fun. The real question: who wore it better? Badger (tuxie), Linus (ginger) or Ellie (tortico sassypants)?!? #reputation #erascat #snakes #badgerdot #princessEllie #linus #erastour #taylorswift ♬ original sound – TuffTalkBullE

Here’s Badger sporting a variety of past and present looks. 15 looks for 15 eras or events. How did we do for the kitty versions? Can you guess them all? #taylorswift #erastour #erascat #badgerdot #swiftie #ttpd #couture @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Badger and his mom also posted an instructional video on recreating Swift’s Karma coat.

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