The jet-set life of Chester – Penguin and professional actor

Chester is a penguin and a rising movie star in Europe who’s just wrapped his first feature film. NBD.

Chester the actor Humboldt penguin
Credit: @pinguin_chester / Instagram

The upcoming children’s movie is called The Chaos Sisters, which sees Chester play “Paul the penguin” who’s kidnapped and four sisters have to save him.

Chester actor penguin - The Chaos Sisters movie
Credit: / Instagram

Chester is a Humboldt penguin, which usually call South America their home. Unlike Antarctic penguins, Humboldt penguins enjoy both cold and warm weather.

So he feels right at home in the Italian sun or celebrating a white Christmas.

Chester lives in Germany but films across Europe. And did we mention he’s a penguin that can fly? Fly private, that is.

And don’t worry Chester doesn’t get lonely being a famous penguin in Europe, because he always rolls with his entourage.

Here’s a look behind-the-scenes with Chester.

While he’s dedicated to his craft, he still makes time to kick back with his crew.

And he always makes time for his fans, like this cute moment he chatted up a nice old lady.

If you want to keep up with Chester, follow him on Instagram at @pinguin_chester.

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