There’s a new trend taking over social media: little critters scurrying around. From hamsters and hedgehogs to beavers and possums, these creatures are providing an adorable glimpse into their lives, and people can’t get enough. Sure, celebrities may still be the biggest stars, but it’s the little ones who are really stealing the show.


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Thanksgiving Fashion Week: Animal Style

Thanksgiving, known to most as our national holiday of giving thanks for what we have and fighting with our relatives around the kitchen table (whatever you do, don’t bring up Trump with Uncle Frank). For some, it’s also a great opportunity to embarrass their beloved furbabies. Check out the best of Thanksgiving’s haute couture below.

Top 5 Fierce Presidential Pets

We all know America has had some wild leaders in the past (and present) but what about their pets? The most common animal to grace the White House is a dog, and the long standing tradition of having man’s best friend lay down at the wise leader’s’ feet is rarely deviated from. We’d like to suggest some canine options to Donald Trump, since he’s the first prez with no pup.

Rescued hog Wilbur and wild squirrel find love in a pig sty

Do you hate sharing your food unless it’s with your absolute best friend? You might have more in common with this rescue pig than you think. Wilbur is wildly possessive of his snacks.

Hero Rats sniff out bombs and disease, making the world a better place

Move over Ninja Turtles, Hero Rats are here to save the world one landmine at a time. Credit: @herorats IG APOPO is a non-governmental organisation committed to making the world a better place. They train African giant pouched rats (affectionately called Hero Rats) to detect landmines and tuberculosis; their mission is “to develop detection rats technology to provide solutions for global problems and inspire social change.” So, basically they’re a superhero squad with giant rats.

Meet the Prairee Dog Pack Bing, Swarley, Monty, and, Enzo

Leaders of the Prairie Dog Pack, Bing and Swarley are two Texan prairie dogs living the good life with their mixed-species family @prairiedogpack. The dogs’ mom, Cassidy, adopted Bing and Swarley from a local pet shop in Houston, Texas, adding them to her growing brood of animals. Credit: @prairiedogpack IG The Prairie Dog Pack currently consists of Bing and Swarley, a hedgehog named Monty, and the troops newest edition – Enzo, an adorable, floppy puppy.

JoeJoe the Capybara the most chill animal on earth is living a great life in Vegas

Capybara’s are the largest rodent known to man. They resemble a massive, furry chicken nugget with a face – it’s no wonder human’s like to keep them as pets. JoeJoe, a capy living in Las Vegas, fits the description to a T.

Jill the Squirrel, Hurricane Isaac survivor, Now Lives the High Life as a Parkour Expert

She’s a Hurricane Isaac survivor and about as adorable as they come, Jill the Squirrel is one Instagram account you should be following (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel). She fell out of her nest during the 2012 hurricane in Louisiana, and was rescued for a ‘temporary’ stay inside of her current owners home. Jill quickly captured the hearts of her future furever family and now lives the high life as a kept squirrel-lady.

Top 10 Odd Instagram Pets

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but exotic pets make the most interesting Instagram accounts. If you want to see a raccoon having a bath or two prairie dogs on leashes chillin’ with a hedgehog, look no further. We’ve found Instagram’s top 10 strange-but-cute pet accounts so you don’t have to, check them out below… 1.

The “world’s cutest adventurer” Mr. Pokee is an African Pygmy Hedgehog with Wanderlust

Self proclaimed as the “world’s cutest adventurer” Mr. Pokee is an African Pygmy Hedgehog with wanderlust. He lives with his mom, Litha, in Norway, the two go on roadtrips throughout the country and the occasional European vacay all the while documenting their travels on Mr.

Pumpkin the Orphaned Raccoon That Thinks She’s a Dog

Unlike her dumpster-diving ancestors, Pumpkin the Raccoon exudes class. Her tiny little fingers sift through porcelain-plated berries instead of trash and she sleeps on fine linens. The little rascal lives the good life in The Bahama’s with her loving family.