Chubby raccoon stuck in sewer drain is too relatable

We’ve all had those days where it’s a struggle to do up the top button on our favorite pair of pants. For one unfortunate raccoon, the realization that a diet might be necessary came along with one ego-crippling experience…

This beefy trash panda got himself stuck in a storm drain in Zion, Illinois. Trapped in a prison of his own gluttony, the plump hostage waited in despair until help arrived.

chubby raccoon drain

Police were alerted to the strange call but unfortunately unable to free the chunky bandit. They called in the public works department to help remove the drain.

chubby raccoon stuck
Is that half an abandoned sandwich beside him?

Luckily, the rotund little guy was no worse for wear. He took his newly-freed winter weight and galloped off into the sunset. Hopefully, he re-thinks his next dumpster-diving snack run.

chubby raccoon stuck

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