Musya the cat adopts orphaned hedgehog babies proving that love knows no bounds

Following a tragic incident with a lawnmower, eight orphaned hedgehog babies found refuge in an unlikely place.

A cat named Musya stepped up after the hedgehoglets mother was killed in an unfortunate lawnmower accident. The cat was living at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia when workers found the abandoned hoglets.

hedgehog cat adopt

Initially, workers tried to bottle feed the babies but they were having none of it. The hogs rejected the humans’ attempts, knowing that it wasn’t the real thing. The zoo workers started to worry when, as time went on, it appeared that the hedgehogs would starve to death.

cat hedgehog adopt

They introduced the babies to Musya and immediately they latched on. The cat had recently fostered a litter of kittens, so she knew exactly what to do – even though her new brood is a bit more bristly than the last.

hedgehog cat adopt

If the babies get a bit too prickly, Musya puts them in their place with a hiss and a swat. We bet the hedgehogs will grow up with an affinity for sitting in boxes. Or, possibly a mouse hunting habit.

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