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These skateboarding and surfing cats can summer better than you

If you’re looking for some summer fun inspo, check out Didga, a rescue cat and his brother from another mother Boomer, a bengal. They live in Australia with Robert Dollwet (@Catmantoo) and both know how to ride, party and chill better than most humans.


Didga has been famous for a few years, thanks to his skateboarding skills. He’s also the world-record holder for most tricks done by a cat.


But it ends up his little brother Boomer has skills boarding as well:

"That's it, just like I taught you, push! push!" Didga (Skateboarding instructor)

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That's why he's a team rider for @originalskateboards Boomer #skateboarding

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Unlike most cats, these guys aren’t afraid of water. Here’s Boomer on a skimboard:


And here’s Didga casually surfing across a pool:


They also love to pop up an umbrella and chill at the beach:


They also love to crack a cold one open with the boys, even if they’re a bunch of tough looking doggos:


And they’re not against posing for the perfect Instagram sunset shot either:


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