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Buddy (Dog)

Kelly Hyland has a dog named Buddy.

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November 1, 2000 (23)

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Paige Hyland is an American dancer, model, and actress, best known for her appearance on Lifetime’s reality television series “Dance Moms” until its fourth season. She debuted in the entertainment scene with this Lifetime show, with her sister and mom, Brooke Hyland and Kelly Hyland, and rapidly gained the attention of a broad audience. Hyland’s presence on “Dance Moms” provided a platform to showcase her dancing abilities, particularly in jazz and musical theatre styles, even securing a first-place win in one of the episodes during the show’s second season​1​. Following her departure from the show in 2014, she transitioned into modeling, notably becoming a face for Sherri Hill’s designs, participating in both print ad campaigns and runway shows​2​.

Hyland made her acting debut in “Brooke: Summer Love Song,” however, her acting career didn’t mirror the recognition her dancing and modeling pursuits garnered. Alongside her modeling career, Hyland attempted to venture into digital content creation through a YouTube channel, although this endeavor was short-lived​2​.

While concrete examples of collaborations with other celebrities are limited, her time on “Dance Moms” inevitably led to professional interactions with fellow dancers, mentors, and choreographers on the show. The specifics of collaborations beyond the realm of “Dance Moms” are not well-documented.

Although awards and distinctions specific to Paige Hyland aren’t prominently documented, her diverse ventures within and outside the entertainment realm underscore a dynamic trajectory. Following her entertainment pursuits, Hyland shifted her focus towards academia, attending West Virginia University, and later on, engaging as a Marketing Intern, demonstrating a broader scope in her professional and educational endeavors​3​.