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Hawkey (Dog)

Vera Farmiga has a dog named Hawkey.

Vera Farmiga

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August 6, 1973 (50)

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Vera Farmiga is an American actress. She started on Broadway with productions like Taking Sides (1996). She later had a lead role in the fantasy series Roar (1997) and film debut in Return to Paradise (1998). In the 2010s, she had recurring roles as Lorraine Warren, a paranormal investigator, in The Conjuring series. Vera Farmiga is the older sister to Taissa Farmiga.

Among the highlights is her collaboration with Martin Scorsese in “The Departed,” where she portrayed Madolyn, a performance that showcased her emotional range and solidified her position in the industry. Her turn in “Up in the Air” alongside George Clooney was another significant milestone, earning her critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination. In “Bates Motel,” she breathed new life into the iconic character Norma Bates, working alongside Freddie Highmore, creating a complex, haunting mother-son dynamic that left viewers riveted. Another notable collaboration was with Patrick Wilson in the “Conjuring” franchise, where they portrayed real-life paranormal investigators, the Warrens. This partnership has spanned several films, capturing audiences with their palpable chemistry and impressive performances. Lastly, Farmiga’s directorial debut, “Higher Ground,” saw her teaming up with actor and brother-in-law Renn Hawkey.