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Yannick Bisson's Pets

Does Yannick Bisson Have Any Pets?

Winnie (Dog)

Yannick Bisson has a dog named Winnie.

Reginald Bloomerton Bisson (Dog)

Breed: Corgi | Adopted Nov 2020

Yannick Bisson also has a Corgi named Reginald Bloomerton Bisson, or Reggie for short. He turned 3 in October 2023[1].

Yannick Bisson's pet Kohl

Kohl (Dog)

Breed: Boxer | Adopted Apr 2014

Yannick Bisson had a dog named Kohl that had his 9th birthday in April 2023[2]. Sadly, he passed away later that year in December 2023[3].

Duke (Dog)

Breed: Bulldog | Adopted Nov 2009

Yannick Bisson had a Bulldog named Duke that he adopted in 2009[4]. Duke has passed away[5].

Hugo (Dog)

Breed: Brussels Griffon

Yannick Bisson also has a Brussels Griffon named Hugo.

Gracie (Dog)

Adopted Jan 2022

Yannick Bisson adopted Gracie in January 2022[5].

Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson Pets


May 16, 1969 (55)

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Yannick Bisson is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Detective William Murdoch in the long-running series “Murdoch Mysteries.” His career spans numerous television and film roles, with notable performances in “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” and “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy.” Bisson’s work in “Murdoch Mysteries” has earned him critical acclaim and several award nominations.

Throughout his career, Bisson has taken on a variety of roles that showcase his range as an actor. In addition to his leading role in “Murdoch Mysteries,” he starred as Jack Hudson in “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye,” a series based on the true story of the first deaf FBI surveillance specialist, and as Richmond Hobson in “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy.” Beyond acting, Bisson has also stepped behind the camera, directing several episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries.”

Bisson’s collaborations with fellow actors and creators have been instrumental in his career development. Working alongside Helene Joy, Jonny Harris, and Thomas Craig in “Murdoch Mysteries” has created a dynamic and compelling ensemble cast. His performances in “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” with Deanne Bray and in “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy” with Sarah Chalke have further highlighted his ability to connect and create memorable chemistry with his co-stars.