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Potato Chip (Dog)

Miles Luna has a dog named Potato Chip.

Cat (Cat)

Miles Luna also has a cat.

Miles Luna

Miles Luna Pets

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Miles Luna, an American screenwriter, producer, and actor, is best known for his significant contributions to the world of animation, particularly his standout work in “Red vs. Blue” and “RWBY.”

Luna’s impact on the animation industry can be best understood through his work on Rooster Teeth productions. He made significant strides in his career with his contributions to “Red vs. Blue,” where he played key roles in writing, directing, and voicing. He portrayed the popular character Felix, injecting depth and complexity into the narrative. Furthermore, Luna co-created “RWBY,” an animated web series that has achieved global acclaim. His writing for “RWBY” stood out, earning him praise for developing rich, layered characters and intricate storylines.

Throughout his career, Luna has collaborated with a wide array of talented artists. These include the likes of Burnie Burns, co-founder of Rooster Teeth, Matt Hullum, the director and producer of “Red vs. Blue,” and Monty Oum, a renowned animator and one of the original creators of “RWBY.” Luna has also worked with Lindsay Jones and Kara Eberle, who voice key characters in “RWBY.” Furthermore, his partnerships extend to fellow Rooster Teeth staff members such as Barbara Dunkelman, Gray G. Haddock, and Shannon McCormick.

Recognition of Luna’s creative excellence has not been scarce. He received a nomination for the 2014 Streamy Awards for Best Writing: Comedy for “Red vs. Blue.” Additionally, “RWBY,” under his co-creation and writing, garnered a win at the 2014 International Academy of Web Television Awards for Best Animated Series. These recognitions underscore the impact Luna has had on the industry, punctuating his dynamic contribution to the realm of web-based animations.