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Marcelo Vieira's Pets

Does Marcelo Vieira Have Any Pets?

Six Dogs (Dog)

Marcelo Vieira has six dogs, and their names from left to right/top to bottom are Uly (French Bulldog), Kiara and Thaig (English Bulldogs), Bella (Minature Pinscher), Lola (Newfoundland), and Nala (Labrador).

Marcelo Vieira's pet Cats

Cats (Cat)


Marcelo Vieira has one rescued cat named Lil. He previously had cats he adopted named Adalto and Leleco.

Marcelo Vieira's pet Tortoise

Tortoise (Turtle)

Breed: Tortoise

Marcelo Vieira mentioned in a farewell press conference in June 2022 that he has a pet Tortoise.

Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo Vieira Pets


May 12, 1988 (36)

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Marcelo Vieira is a Brazilian professional footballer best known for playing for Real Madrid. As a left-back, Marcelo is widely recognized for his remarkable speed, agility, and offensive prowess on the field.

In addition to his football career, Marcelo has had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists, athletes, and celebrities, showcasing his versatile nature. He has worked alongside renowned footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, forming a formidable trio on the field and helping Real Madrid secure numerous victories. Furthermore, Marcelo has engaged in charitable endeavors with influential figures like Lionel Messi, participating in campaigns to raise awareness for social causes and promote unity within the sporting community.

Marcelo’s career is laden with notable achievements, including multiple domestic and international titles. He has been an integral part of Real Madrid’s success, contributing to the club’s triumphs in numerous La Liga championships and UEFA Champions League victories.