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Does Madeline Argy Have Any Pets?

Bugs (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog

Madeline Argy has a French Bulldog named Bugs.

Rabbits (Rabbit)

Madeline Argy also has some Rabbits at home.

Madeline Argy

Madeline Argy Pets

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Madeline Argy is an English social media influencer and TikTok star who has rapidly risen to fame since she began posting videos in 2021. With a following that includes nearly 5 million on TikTok and 1.8 million on Instagram, Argy has become known for her intimate, tongue-in-cheek content that resonates with a wide audience. Her notable achievements include launching her own podcast, “Pretty Lonesome with Madeline Argy,” under Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network in 2023, and making her feature film debut in “The Magic Flute” in 2022.

Throughout her career, Madeline Argy has collaborated with several high-profile figures and brands, enhancing her influence and reach within the digital landscape. Celebrity fans such as Alex Cooper and Sabrina Carpenter, along with partnerships with leading beauty and fashion brands.