Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s Labrador Starred in Budweiser’s 2024 Super Bowl Commercial, ‘Old-School Delivery’

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have several lucky pups in their famous family, but one just achieved true celebrity pet status during the Super Bowl. Roy, a yellow lab the couple got in January 2021, starred in Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial, “Old-School Delivery.”

Goldie Hawn's dog Roy in Budweiser Super Bowl commercial
Credit: Budweiser

Roy acted alongside four Clydesdale horses and even shared a kissing scene with one. This follows Budweiser’s tradition of featuring Clydesdales in their Superbowl ads, with this being the 46th.

Goldie Hawn posted the video of her family’s reaction shortly after the commercial aired.

The couple’s daughter, Kate Hudson, was also with them and posted her own video.

You can swipe the photo below to see Roy before the fame as a puppy.

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