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Kylie Kelce's Pets

Does Kylie Kelce Have Any Pets?

Winnie and Baloo (Dog)

Breed: Irish Wolfhound | Adopted Jan 2017

Kylie and Jason Kelce have two big dogs named Winnie and Baloo, weighing around 120 pounds each. They’re both Irish Wolfhounds and named after two famous fictional bears. They got Winnie in early 2017 and Baloo in July 2018. Winnie sadly passed away in March 2024 at seven years old.

Belle (Dog)

Adopted 1994

Jason and Travis Kelce’s first dog was named Belle, who they got in 1995. Belle was named after his family’s favorite baseball player, Albert Belle of the Cleveland Indians. You can catch a glimpse of their pup in their home videos included in the video below.

Kylie Kelce's pet Childhood Cats

Childhood Cats (Cat)

While they currently only have dogs, Jason and Travis Kelce’s first pets were cats. When they were really young, Jason and Travis Kelce had several pet cats, before they were allowed their first dog. Travis said their main kitten was Flash, named after the comic book character due to his impressive speed.

And if you’re a Taylor Swift fan wondering if Travis Kelce likes cats, we’ve already investigated it for you.

Cat (pending)

Adopted 2024

While currently not sold on getting one, Jason Kelce pretty much already has a pet cat – It’s just up to when his wife Kylie brings one home.

Kylie Kelce

Kylie Kelce Pets


March 23, 1992 (32)


Jason Kelce

(2018 - )

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Kylie Kelce is an American philanthropist and social media influencer, best known as the wife of the former center for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Kelce. Kylie’s contributions, primarily behind the scenes, reflect a commitment to philanthropy, community service, and a genuine connection with the Philadelphia community. Her work, though not always captured by the spotlight, resonates deeply within the initiatives she supports and the events she orchestrates.

Kylie’s collaborative efforts extend beyond her immediate family, touching the lives of several notable figures within and outside the sports world. Through charity events and community service projects, she has worked alongside individuals such as Carson Wentz, former Eagles quarterback, and his wife, Madison Wentz, engaging in initiatives that benefit various causes. Her involvement in fundraising activities has seen her join forces with Zach Ertz, the Eagles’ tight end, and his wife, Julie Ertz, a standout figure in the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team. Together, they have contributed significantly to youth sports programs and health and wellness campaigns. Kylie’s ability to galvanize support does not end there; she has partnered with Malcolm Jenkins, a former Eagles safety, in his efforts to advocate for criminal justice reform. Her interactions also include working with Jordan Mailata, an Eagles’ offensive tackle, and his musical pursuits that aim to raise funds for charity. Moreover, her engagement with the broader NFL community includes collaborations with figures like Travis Kelce, Jason’s brother, and a key player for the Kansas City Chiefs, highlighting family ties that cross team boundaries for philanthropic causes.