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July 17, 1978 (45)

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Justine Triet is a French film director and screenwriter recognized for her contributions to French independent cinema. Her notable films include La Bataille de Solférino (2013) and Sibyl (2019), both of which have been presented at prestigious international film festivals such as Cannes..

Triet initiated her filmmaking career with La Bataille de Solférino, which portrays the events of France’s 2012 presidential election day from the perspective of a news reporter. She followed this with Victoria (2016), internationally known as In Bed with Victoria, a film starring Virginie Efira that blends elements of comedy and drama. Sibyl (2019), another collaboration with Efira, merges psychological drama with themes of memory and identity.

Throughout her career, Justine Triet has maintained significant collaborations with several industry professionals that have influenced her cinematic style. Notably, she has frequently worked with Virginie Efira, who has played leading roles in both Victoria and Sibyl. Other frequent collaborators include Vincent Macaigne, who appeared in La Bataille de Solférino and Victoria, and Melvil Poupaud, who featured in Sibyl. Triet has also teamed with screenwriter Arthur Harari on various projects. The visual and auditory style of her films is shaped in partnership with composer Philippe Schoeller and cinematographer Simon Beaufils..