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August 11, 1985 (38)

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Henry Lloyd-Hughes is a British actor, known for his versatile roles in film, television, and theatre. He gained prominence for his portrayal of Mark Donovan in the British television series “The Inbetweeners.”

Lloyd-Hughes’ career in acting spans a range of significant roles that highlight his adaptability as an actor. In television, he is known for his work in “The Inbetweeners” and as Aaron Peel in “Killing Eve.” His filmography includes notable appearances in movies such as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Madame Bovary.” Lloyd-Hughes has also made his mark in theatre, with performances in productions like “Punk Rock” and “The Changeling.”

Throughout his career, Lloyd-Hughes has collaborated with numerous esteemed actors and directors, contributing to his growth in the industry. His work in “The Inbetweeners” involved collaboration with actors like Simon Bird and James Buckley, while his role in “Killing Eve” saw him working alongside Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh.