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No Pets (Bianca A. Santos)

Bianca A. Santos does not have any reported pets.

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July 26, 1990 (33)

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Bianca A. Santos is an American actress of Cuban and Brazilian descent, known for her roles in “The Fosters” (2013-2014) and the feature films “Ouija” (2014) and “The DUFF” (2015).

In addition to her notable roles in “The Fosters” and “Ouija,” Santos has appeared in “Priceless” (2016), where she continued to demonstrate her acting range. On television, she further developed her career with a significant role in “Legacies” during its 2018 season. Her voice acting in the animated series “Happy Feet Two” (2011) highlights her diverse talents and ability to engage with a wide audience.

Throughout her career, Bianca A. Santos has worked alongside a number of influential figures in the industry. Her collaboration with Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell in “The DUFF” allowed her to be part of a team that brought a fresh perspective to the high school comedy genre. In “Ouija,” she worked with Olivia Cooke. Additionally, her participation in “The Fosters” involved close collaboration with creators Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg, as well as with co-stars like Maia Mitchell and David Lambert.