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Harriet Slater does not have any reported pets.

Harriet Slater

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November 28, 1994 (29)

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Harriet Slater is a British actress, known primarily for her roles as Sandra Onslow in “Pennyworth” and Lily in “The Complex.”

Harriet Slater’s career began to gain traction with her portrayal of Sandra Onslow in the television series “Pennyworth,” a prequel to the Batman series. This role earned her recognition for her ability to bring depth to her character in the show’s narrative set in 1960s London. Additionally, Slater starred as Lily in the interactive film “The Complex,” which blends film and video game elements. Her work in these projects highlights her engagement with innovative storytelling methods. She has also appeared in the film “Blood Orange” and the war film “Allies.”

Throughout her career, Slater has collaborated with notable actors who have significantly impacted her professional journey. On “Pennyworth,” she worked closely with Jack Bannon, who played the titular character, and Ben Aldridge, who portrayed Thomas Wayne. In “The Complex,” she co-starred with Kate Dickie and Michelle Mylett. Her participation in various projects has seen her work alongside actors such as Andrew Howard in “Blood Orange” and James Faulkner in “Allies.” She has also collaborated with Emma Paetz in “Pennyworth” and Al Weaver in “The Complex.”