Cat hiding in luggage discovered by security X-ray

A ginger kitty in New York City wanted to escape the hustle and bustle for some sun and sand down in Florida. So he packed a suitcase with some clothes, flip-flops, a few bottles of wine, and himself. Sounds like a great plan, but the thing was, the cat hadn’t paid for a ticket and the suitcase wasn’t even his. It was actually his human’s roommate’s luggage who was heading to Florida.

@TSA tweet about ginger cat stowaway in luggage from NYC to Florida
Credit: @TSA_Northeast / Twitter

The cat almost pulled off his Garfield-esque vacation plan when the suitcase he was in was successfully checked in. But he was thwarted by airport security, who noticed a strange scene on their X-ray. It looked like a cat who started his vacation partying a little early, passed out with wine bottles strewn around him.

Orange cat flight stowaway found by TSA with X-ray
Credit: @TSA_Northeast / Twitter

But don’t worry the cat was unharmed and not even a little bit hung over. The TSA notified the luggage owner who took the cat back home and caught the flight the next day.

Credit: @TSA_Northeast / Twitter

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