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June 1, 1974 (50)

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Henry Jackman is an English composer, best known for his work in creating stirring scores for popular films.

Jackman’s contribution to the world of film music is profound, with his compositions spanning genres from animated classics to action-packed blockbusters. He has given life to movies like “Big Hero 6,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Furthermore, his versatility shines in works like “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and the poignant melodies of “The Birth of a Nation.” These compositions have set him apart as a defining voice in contemporary film scoring.

In the realm of collaborations, Jackman’s impressive web of associations has led him to work with a diverse range of talented individuals. Among these are Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo of the Russo brothers, with whom he teamed up for the Captain America series and “Cherry.” He’s also struck a chord with directors like Matthew Vaughn in the “Kingsman” series, and with Rich Moore and Phil Johnston for “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Other noteworthy collaborations include those with Morten Tyldum for “The Imitation Game,” Paul Greengrass for “Captain Phillips,” and the animated titan Chris Williams for “Big Hero 6.” Lending his talents to the gaming world, he collaborated with Neill Blomkamp for the video game “Anthem,” and ventured into television with Jordan Peele for “The Hunt.”

Over the years, Jackman’s exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. His music for “Wreck-It Ralph” garnered him a prestigious Annie Award. Further, his score for “The Birth of a Nation” was nominated for the Discovery of the Year Award at the World Soundtrack Awards.