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Puppy Assassin (Dog)

Breed: Labrador

In December 2020, Dr DisRespect adopted a Chocolate Lab named Puppy Assassin, but the arrangement was short-lived. During a stream, Dr Disrespect shared that Puppy Assassin was returned to the original owner. He explained that the decision was made due to his young daughter’s anxiety around the dog, stemming from a previous traumatic incident with a pitbull. Despite initially getting Puppy Assassin to help his daughter overcome her fear of dogs, it became apparent that she wasn’t ready to be around the Lab. Dr Disrespect assured his fans that Puppy Assassin is a good dog and that the original owner gladly welcomed the dog back.

Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect Pets


March 10, 1982 (42)

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Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect, is an American online streamer renowned for his persona in the gaming community. He gained fame for playing battle royale games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1, and PUBG: Battlegrounds. Dr Disrespect became a prominent figure on Twitch with over 4 million followers before his channel was removed in June 2020 for undisclosed reasons. He later resumed streaming on YouTube, where he continues to attract a significant following.

Dr Disrespect’s career includes signing with Creative Artists Agency in 2019 and partnering with Hi-Rez Studios for a custom map and character skin in Rogue Company. Despite his ban from Twitch in 2020, he co-founded Midnight Society with industry veterans Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo, with Sumit Gupta as the CEO.

Throughout his streaming career, Dr Disrespect has collaborated with several notable figures and organizations. He signed with Creative Artists Agency in 2019 and secured a multi-year deal with Twitch in March 2020. His collaborations extend beyond streaming, including working with Hi-Rez Studios to design a custom map and character skin for Rogue Company. In December 2021, he announced the launch of a gaming studio, Midnight Society, focusing on player-driven game development.